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Pneumatic Hammer Claw 10"

Locking pneumatic pile driver hammer system

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The Hammer Claw is a pneumatic pile driving machine that takes the place of a conventional pile driving hammer and more. The Hammer Claw is a proprietary product exclusively offered by BargeGuy.com. It is the next generation pile driving hammer that is more efficient than a traditional drop hammer system and much quieter than a vibrating jackhammer system. The Hammer Claw has claws that can clamp-on to the top of a piling. Once the Hammer's Claws lock onto a piling it can be hoisted into the air and guided into place with a crane. With the piling in position the Hammer Claw is ready to be engaged. When activated (by pneumatic controller) the internal mechanism will automatically begin to strike the piling, repeatedly delivering perfect impacts by the internal weight, quickly and accurately, driving it into place. With 100% of the energy directed squarely to the piling on every blow, there is zero wasted power.

Offered in 2 different weight categories
600 lb weight with a total gross weight of approximately 990 pounds
1,000 lb weight with a total gross weight of approximately 1,460 pounds

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