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Farma Crane

Farma Crane

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By far our most popular crane, and arguably the best ''bang for your buck'', the crane has a reach of 20.5' including the 3.5' hydraulic extension. It 970lbs at full reach and an impressive 3000lbs near the king post. The hydraulic hoses are well protected inside the lift arm and solid steel pipes are used for the extension.  Low weight makes it popular for installation on barges as well. 

Standard Equipment
Deer horn control valve
42'' grapple with continuous rotation
Weight 1390 lbs
Slewing torque 8.8 kNm
Boom rotation 360 degrees
4 cylinder rack and pinion turnhouse in oil bath
Max reach 20.5'
Required flow 5-15 GPM
Working pressure 2540 psi

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