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Heavy Duty Bilge Pump 1600 GPH

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Heavy duty, high performance bilge pump that exceeds the tough demands of commercial and recreational duty.  Liquid cooled and has a 12 pole motor with double ball bearings.  Prewired with Ultima Switch, (electronic automatic switch with manual override operation).  Lip seal design and a removable check valve that is included.  1-1/8" and 1-1/4" hose adapters are also included.

Capacity straight @ 13.6V/27.2V DC
1600 GPH / 100 l/min. (6056 LPH)
Capacity 3ft. (0.9m) head @ 13.6V / 27.2V DC
1550 GPH 98/min (5867 LPH)
Wire Size - 16 GA
Wire Length - 6ft.
Max Height - 5.86"
Weight - 2.75 lbs.
Body - ABS Thermoplastic
Shaft - SS2343
Ultima Switch
Highly reliable totally sealed switch using patented digital sensing technology
Switch turns pump on at 2" of water and off at 3/4"
Non-clogging, mercury free design

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